It's Happening Again, But This Time It's Global - Death Camp Survivor Vera Sharav It's Happening Again, But This Time It's Global - Death Camp Survivor Vera Sharav

It's Happening Again, But This Time It's Global - Death C...

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It's Happening Again, But This Time It's Global - Death Camp Survivor Vera Sharav | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 5/9/21

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I first read about Vera Sharav, founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (, when Lost Arts Radio had just started, and was inspired by her courage as a small child when the Nazis took her and her parents to the death camps. Her determined spirit of courage has seen her through that experience, and is obviously still with her now, as she works to warn us all that, darkness has gathered its forces and is attacking again. The assault this time is more openly world-wide, hiding under the thin façade of the trusted medical establishment.

After hundreds of years working to dumb us down to the point of living as unconscious zombies (compared to the forgotten normal state we were designed to experience), the global rulers have prepared us to turn over our bodies, our children and our lives to medical "authorities" that we've been trained never to question no matter what they tell us to do, In this case we're taught to live in terror of a virus, not to know it was created in a US bioweapons lab and then finished in a Chinese bioweapons lab with illegal US funding, and now to give up our freedoms out of fear, and live as totally surveilled slaves for our own protection.

Getting us ready to respond as cowards and idiots to this manufactured threat has taken time and unimaginable global coordination. We had to be taught false beliefs about health and disease, and had to be kept in ignorance of our inalienable rights, aka the natural rights, that belong to all people everywhere, not just in American where those rights are specifically mentioned in our founding documents. Inalienable rights can never be suspended in any "emergency," whether fake like the current fake "pandemic," or real, like one of our rulers' more hard-core bioweapons. Patrick Henry, in his famous speech in 1775, did not say, "Give me liberty as soon as you decide all emergencies are over." It was liberty or death, no middle ground.

Vera's warning to the people of our world today needs to be heard and responded to by all of us. There is a reason that real health information needed to be suppressed, along with any memory we may have had of individual freedom, to get us to this point. Patrick Henry said 'liberty or death.' Today our choice is to wake up to our real situation and our own inner strength to turn it around, or give up our lives to enslavement, and the death that follows. Vera Sharav is here this Sunday with inspiration to help us make the choice.

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Richard Sacks, Host