Dr. Tau Braun: A Deep Dive Into Copperine & Anacardic (Products He Sells) Dr. Tau Braun: A Deep Dive Into Copperine & Anacardic (Products He Sells)

Dr. Tau Braun: A Deep Dive Into Copperine & Anacardic (Products H...  

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Dr. Tau Braun: A Deep Dive Into Copperine & Anacardic (Products He Sells) | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 7/10/22

Listen online: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lostartsradio

Dr. Tau Braun (http://www.drtaubraun.com and http://www.biochemscience.com) is well-known internationally as an expert teacher of threat assessment, threat management and response, in situations involving bioterrorism, biowarfare, all kinds of violent threats. Government agencies and corporations seek his guidance and training in threat management and prevention, and as an expert witness in court cases. Great teachers are usually also great observers and learners. Dr. Braun has applied his analytical and observational abilities to understanding the "pandemic" at a level few professionals at his stature have done. He was recently interviewed by Dr. Bryan Ardis (https://vokalnow.com/audio/4850), and the written description called him "the doctor who figured it out before Dr. Ardis." Figured what out? That the COVID-19 vaccines, in addition to containing bioweapon components like mRNA, graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, nanobots and more, are a vector for distribution and injection of synthetic snake venom.

Most doctors and other health professionals, including many who know the pandemic is man-made, have not been able to grasp the full depth and malicious coordination of the assault on humanity known as the COVID-19 pandemic. Only a few, like Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kaufmann, understand thoroughly that there is no proof that the SARS-CoV2 virus even exists, let alone that it has made anyone sick. Dr. Braun knows the "pandemic" was initiated by the intentional release of a man-made venom, that the vaccines are mass-depopulation bioweapons, part of a larger, globally coordinated agenda of death. This weekend we discuss with Dr. Braun the current pandemic situation, what lies ahead, and his best ideas for countering this global threat to life.

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