Report 273 - Paul Anthony Taylor on the danger to health freedom from the Codex Alimentarius Project Report 273 - Paul Anthony Taylor on the danger to health freedom from the Codex Alimentarius Project

Report 273 - Paul Anthony Taylor on the danger to health freedom ...  

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Report 273 - Paul Anthony Taylor on The Danger to Health Freedom from the Codex Alimentarius Project
Quote: "Informative and detailed presentation from Paul Anthony Taylor, Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, on the grave dangers to health freedom and health choice of the UN's Codex Alimentarius project, run by way of the Codex Alimentarius Commission through the FAO and WHO. Focusing on their Guidelines on Vitamins and Minerals, Paul Taylor describes how vague definitions, demands for limiting amounts and requiring arbitrarily-decided RDAs -- recommended daily amount--plus examining vitamins as if they are drugs, studying toxicity, and exempting countries who classify vitamins as drugs impact on health freedom choices on vitamins and minerals. Since the standards relate to world trade rules and international law, the ways in which companies manufacturing and selling vitamins and mineral supplements across borders will be impacted. A little-known subject, Paul Taylor recommends that everyone concerned about bodily autonomy and maintaining health freedom get more informed on this subject so they can act in the right ways in their own arenas of expertise to preserve health freedom for all, and take steps also to protect their own health. LINKS FOR MORE: From Paul Anthony Taylor: Subscribe to the Dr. Rath Health Foundation newsletter: The Codex Alimentarius Commission: The Facts That Everyone Needs To Know The Codex Alimentarius Threat To Your Supplements Didn’t Go Away, It Just Went To Sleep. And It’s Coming Back The ‘Brussels EU’ And Its Dangerous Plan To Implement Maximum Amounts For Micronutrients PREVIOUS PODCASTS WITH PAUL ANTHONY TAYLOR ON NATURAL HEALTH, PUBLIC HEALTH, MEDIA COMPLICITY, AND CORPORATIZING OF THE ENTIRE HEALTH INDUSTRY: Newsbreak 137 | Roger Guttridge, Holding the Line Exposes Press Censorship of Natural COVID Cures: Report 238: Paul Anthony Taylor and The Corporatization of Public Health: Report #181: Paul Anthony Taylor, Dr. Rath Health Foundation: "WHO is Compromised By Big Pharma": RAMOLA D REPORTS. DETOX NANOTECH and CLEANSE YOUR PINEAL GLAND. Try Clean Slate, Zero-In, and Restore for detox and daily health at this link (which supports this channel): FIND PRINT/VIDEO CONTENT: Media Site and Magazine: Author website: Ramola D Reports is at Bitchute, Brighteon, Odysee, Live 528, Rumble. FREE YOURSELF FROM THE MATRIX OF MORTGAGES, DEBT, AND RIGGED COURTS: Sign in to the Matrix Freedom platform for more information: ;amp;ag=Ramola%20D RECLAIM YOUR SOVEREIGNTY AS AN AMERICAN AND CORRECT YOUR STATUS: PLEASE SUPPORT MY WORK AND THOSE I SUPPORT: SUBSCRIBE OR DONATE: Patreon: Paypal: CONTACT WITH REFERRALS FOR INTERVIEWS, INFO: [email protected] "
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