(Sean Hross) Templars prefer the Arabic structures of the Orient and Despise the Europeans (16-6-2022)

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Templars prefer the Arabic structures of the Orient and Despise the Europeans (16-6-2022)

These are all new footages from 2022 while hitchhiking through France trying to open your eyes for the invisible world by our Slave Masters, through which they transmit messages to eachother; this is mostly information passed on from one generation to the next inside my family over more than 350 years hiding in South Africa from those satanic Republicans, while my family has always remained true Royalists in the true sense of the word and not to be mistaken with those satanic Constitutional Royalists, who made the alliance with the satanic Republican Templars through the Order of the Garter. The King of France whom we have always honoured inside our family was the very last true Monarch of this world abiding the rules of the Per Tasr of the Vertical Rule. After 350 years of hiding I've come back home to France to transmit you all this message, which is a betrayal to the laws of silence creating lots of enemies lurking in the dark waiting for the moment to strike. I was lucky to be able to have the software for my camera work again, as I'm such a jerk with computers, me with my mind and capacities from a time 1.000 years back not very adepted to this modern world. I hope, I can make the videomaking software work again, which I'm not sure at all, if I can, because I have some more important intel to present to you all.