Manifesting A New Healthcare System - Meet Daren Coates, ...


Manifesting A New Healthcare System - Meet Daren Coates, COO Of The Tenpenny Alliance | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 2/27/22

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Recently, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny ( returned as a guest on Lost Arts Radio, to talk about developments in the ongoing assault by the global rulers against humanity (, also known as the fake COVID pandemic and injectable bioweapon attack. During the show, I asked Dr. Tenpenny to tell us more about what she and her team are doing to create a new healthcare system for people who prefer not to be murdered by the one we have now. She told us about her new project called the Tenpenny Alliance (, which will begin by creating a number of clinics for people with respiratory distress. It will offer patients honest diagnosis, and treatment with the safest and most effective protocols. This is in stark contrast to what is happening in the killing fields of so many hospitals, denying access to known safe cures, instead giving unsuspecting patients Remdesivir and killing them with ventilators.

I asked Dr. Tenpenny, whom could we invite on the show to explain more about the planned clinics and the project in general. She suggested Daren Coates, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of The Tenpenny Alliance, and he kindly agreed to join us on the show. Daren has a strong and successful background in organizing and helping to run complex ventures like the new Tenpenny Alliance non-profit will be, which is just the first step in creation of a new, sane healthcare system. This will be an essential element of the new parallel, human friendly and freedom-oriented civilization that many of our guests agree needs to be established as much as possible before the old one that is anti-life completely disintegrates. I hope you'll be there with me for an incredible visit with Daren Coates. He will tell us about a new vision in healthcare coming into physical form, and how we can support and learn more about the new project.

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Richard Sacks, Host