Real Scientific Inquiry Plus Healing Consciousness - Dr. Henry Ealy: What We Face & Possible Futures Real Scientific Inquiry Plus Healing Consciousness - Dr. Henry Ealy: What We Face & Possible Futures

Real Scientific Inquiry Plus Healing Consciousness - Dr. ...

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Real Scientific Inquiry Plus Healing Consciousness - Dr. Henry Ealy: What We Face & Possible Futures | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 1/9/22

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Just over a year ago, Lost Arts Radio was visited by a great naturopathic physician, Dr. Henry Ealy ( At that time, Dr. Ealy, a.k.a. Dr. Henelee (I will be asking him about the origin of this unique honorary title on this weekend's show), was one of the brave voices speaking out to question the mainstream narrative on the COVID-19 "pandemic" that was based on deep fraud from years before it was officially announced as a threat to humanity in early 2020. Dr. Ealy was denouncing the lockdown measures that were clearly baseless, counterproductive, globally planned and coordinated, designed to destroy the economies of many formerly sovereign nations, cause mass third world starvation and bring in global tyranny in the name of the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset."

It was President Trump who, after giving up his initial plans to expose the fraud of "vaccine safety," with RFK, Jr. leading a commission for that task, illegally handed over America to mass murderer and psychopath Anthony Fauci (, playing his unconstitutional part in sending the country on a course to ruin. Dr. Ealy saw the fraud of the pandemic early on, has been working to expose the hoax ever since, and doing all he could to wake up people worldwide to take back their countries from tyranny while there is still time.

I invited Dr. Ealy to come back on the show at this most critical time in the history of America and of the world, partly for an update on his educational work (, but also for us all to get a deeper look into his background and character as a human being. What led Dr. Ealy into his mission to help heal our world, his attitude of compassion even for his enemies, and his devotion to real science, without arrogance and with a love of deep investigation to find truth, wherever that may lead. Most of science today has been corrupted by ego, conflict of interest, obedience to the dictates of corrupt corporations and governments ( Dr. Ealy's work is a refreshing reminder of what was once known as real science, a cooperative, open-minded search for the truth, not to defend one's own point of view at the cost of honesty.

This weekend's discussion will not be the typical interview for Dr. Ealy. We'll explore aspects of his work and life from physical health teaching to his spiritual quest and more, and where they are leading him. I hope you'll be there with me to meet Dr. Ealy on a level he hasn't revealed before.

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Richard Sacks, Host