Veda Austin: Emotion Changes Water's Structure - But Can The Water Also Send A Message Back? Veda Austin: Emotion Changes Water's Structure - But Can The Water Also Send A Message Back?

Veda Austin: Emotion Changes Water's Structure - But Can ...

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Veda Austin: Emotion Changes Water's Structure - But Can The Water Also Send A Message Back? | Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 12/26/21

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In Dr. Masaru Emoto's famous experiment on the effect of projected emotion on water's molecular structure (, it was demonstrated that water actually responds to human positive or negative emotions by changing how the H2O molecules are arranged. Each individual molecule is still composed on two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bound together. But it appears that how the molecules are arranged in relation to each other is very responsive to projected emotions like love, gratitude, anger, hatred, indifference and many more. Not only do the molecules re-arrange themselves in relation to each other, but they do so in a way to make beautiful or chaotic designs according to the beautiful or malevolent emotions projected at them by a lab technician trained to hold and project a certain feeling.

Emoto's experiments have stunning implications not only for our understanding of water as a supposedly non-living substance with no form of consciousness of its own, but on a wider scale, for how we see innumerable other objects and substances commonly assumed to be inanimate and not responsive to anything we think or feel. Maybe the wise elders of ancient indigenous tribes had something to teach us that we have not appreciated up to now.

Why should we assume that water is the only substance in our environment that is being affected by the emotional frequencies we generate, often unconsciously, all through our days and nights? How could the implications of Emoto's experiments be used to change or even heal our world, each other, and ourselves?

Veda Austin ( immediately comes to mind, and stands out as an investigator who has taken Emoto's work to the next level in an incredible way. Looking at examples of how she has coaxed water to communicate it's own messages to her and others in a spectacularly artistic and creative manner, it is obvious that there is much more to water, and probably to all of nature, than modern humans suspect. This Sunday, we get a rare treat, a chance to talk with Veda one-on-one, to delve more deeply into the incredible work she does, and get some direct insight into what the not-so-inanimate water has been sharing with her.

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