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Privacy Policy You are requested to read this Privacy Policy before making any use of the Service (as defined below.) By using the Service you declare that you agree that the LIVE528 Platform will use your personal information in its possession. Content that will be accessed by you on the Platform, and you waive any claim regarding copyright infringement. Please note that while using / using the Services / Accessing any information on the LIVE528 platform, the Platform may from that moment use any material / content / videos of any kind freely , And you waive any claim regarding copyright infringement or any complaint and claim of any kind. If you do not agree to the following terms, you are asked not to make any use of the service. Privacy Policy Your personal / comments that will be uploaded to the media and / or photos / videos / that will reach us / will be published by you, through this platform and / or the channel and / or the services associated with it and / or in the app, etc. LIVE528 Here is the platform (channel / app / The site) for displaying video content, etc. is located at live.ahava528.com The following is the definition of "the service": / Listen to the channel's broadcasts / broadcast through it, consume / expose / reveal information / knowledge / articles / videos etc. that are accessible on the platform, respond to broadcasts and information and / or broadcast from the field ON LINE, development and creation of technologies, etc. (hereinafter the "Service"). Platform Content The platform is diverse and touches on different content fields and is accessible and viewed with full responsibility of the service users / broadcasters / viewers, etc. Collection of information and its use of correspondence and mailing list on the platform 1. When registering for the platform, it is possible to subscribe to the mailing list, so that you will occasionally receive updates regarding broadcasts / new information / additional information and / or services and products that may be of interest to you. For this purpose, you must enter your e-mail address. You can exit the mailing list by sending an email with a removal request to the email address admin@ahava528.com or by clicking on the "Remove from the mailing list" link. And Alerts, including Push Notifications, in Nog To the application / platform, including and without prejudice to events, services, updates, changes and alerts regarding content that you have marked as favorites (for example, a reminder that a program that you have marked as a favorite is about to be broadcast.) You can cancel notifications Activating your device.Cookies Web Beacons

Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer and related to information about you. We use communication traffic cookies that are activated when the browser closes, and fixed cookies stored on your hard drive. By the user. We also allow third parties to use cookies through the service for the purpose of analyzing the use of the service, collecting the information specified in this policy and linking to external services (eg web platforms or web pages that share the link to the video / information.) The browser usually receives cookies automatically. But in most browsers there is the option to block the use of cookies. If you prefer and your browser supports this option you can edit your browser options to block cookies in the future. The platform uses cookies for several reasons. For example, cookies allow users to use the service and learn how to improve The experience of using this service as well as cookies allow you to operate the service. If you choose to reject cookies you may still be able to use the service; however, your access to certain areas and services in the service The platform / system may use the Web Beacons service and emails to collect the information detailed in this policy. Web beacons, or "gifs", are electronic images that allow the system to send cookies, monitor your use of the service or receive an indication that an action has been taken in correspondence Email from the system Sharing information All knowledge / videos / articles, etc. available on the platform are free to use and transfer. Subcontractors and service providers The platform may share your information with service providers and subcontractors who work with the system and / or provide certain services on its behalf in Israel and abroad. This will be required for the purpose of providing the service, improving and developing additional services. In addition, the platform / system may store information in cloud services whose servers are located outside Israel. The Platform may employ trusted third parties to assist in the distribution of surveys, publications and / or content. Upon completion of these projects, the Platform requires that all information be returned to it. This information does not contain personally identifiable information by reasonable means and is used to develop programs and content that may be of interest to visitors to the service. Mergers and collaborations The system is an independent platform independent of external motives. Consolidation in which the technological operation of the system and / or its assets and / or the service is shared by a third party. Links Please note that the service provided on the platform includes links to other sites / channels and / or services. These services / channels / applications / sites may collect information This privacy policy does not include the information collection policies or policies of such websites and services and / or any third party.
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