Steppin In for Tony's Show Everything Goes (25 dec 2023)

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Steppin In for Tony's Show Everything Goes (25 dec 2023)

Zac from Power of the Pulse & Fiona from Fiona for Health:

Play incredible Tony clips from the past
Discuss nano silver
Talk about the IntraBody Nano Network &
Biodigital Convergence & digitising humans &
The Terahertz Deception

~~ Announcements ~~

Librti forum that Fiona started so we can all talk. Make an account and join :)
Yannis link to donate to Tony to help him out at this time
Tony has contacted us with the following message:
the level of damage from the exposure was more then I thought and if you re not healing that means the constant MW/s are breaking you down faster then you can rebuild---relocate to areas where there isn't that exposure and as strange as it seems hotels don't seem to have anything happening ---least the ones I measured when I was there---increase peptides [proteins] like collagen to expedite repairs and use serrapaptase 20 mg strength ---40 000 units and bromelain to clear up the debris and damage   and make teas with bayleaf and thyme or rosemary  to increase the antioxidant effects---use baths with baking soda and epsom salt ---- these I found to expedite the repair
[beware bleeding, as serrapaptase is a blood thinner]
Tony has also shared that the infrared lamp that he has found useful for helping with sleep should be placed away from you, and create ambience in the room


Tony's show this time last year:

If you want to learn more about nano silver:

Tony's video
A blogpost

Biodigital Convergence video:

Advancing Modern Technology With NANOOOO:

The most clear-cut paper on the nano network agenda:

Fiona's nano extractions: #xAiTHuT7bYQ0

Fiona & Tony: MIMITECS, mimicking creation:

Stay safe, avoid the frequencies as much as possible. Avoid wireless devices, Bluetooth etc all these devices will damage your biology with their frequencies and possibly activate the nano accumulated in you.

A quote from Tony on this podcast in the past:

NanoBiotech are Resistant to Chemicals Because of the electrical nature of these creatures they are resistant to chemicals. Chemicals have a limited effect because the body is always cleansing itself by eliminating foreign substances through the liver and bladder. The effectiveness of chemicals is temporary and mediocre. The reason for the difficulty in finding a cure is that everyone is trying to fight an electrical problem with chemicals.

Another reason organic food doesn't exist (biocide cycle):

Stay safe everyone. Review the start of the last podcast if you don't know what happened to Tony